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Prime Do Dojo

  • Dōjō (道場) is a Japanese term which literally means “place of the path”, and is used to name a hall or space for immersive learning or meditation.
  • Prime : Primordial, original, natural, ancient
  • Do: is a Japanese term which literally means “path, ground, foundation, principles”

Prime-Do Dojo:  “The place of the path dedicated to the study of the 9 primordial principles of health happiness and joy”, or “The path of the primordial hero” or “The Primordial Algorithmic Art of Human enhancement”

Prime-Do Matrix-Q Games

Below you willl find all Matrix-Q Games inspired in the practice and knowledge of Prime-Do, and in the 9 Primordial Principles of Health Happiness & Joy

MATRIX-Q GAME: Prime-Do Essay

POINTS: upto 50+P / task completed

CHALLENGE: Primordial symbolic language to be translated into the player experience

THE PLAYER: You have achieved through your life path, knowledge, experience and wisdom. In every breath of your life, you learn. When you arrived to the path of Prime-Do, your vase was not empty, you as any one alive, have grown, evolved, developed your own vision and understanding of life, acquired knowledge, and practical skills. 

PURPOSE: This game is suggested to every one that would like to enter the praxis of Prime-Do, up-level knowledge, skills and competences as a leader, innovator, entrepreneur or investor. With Prime-Do nature inspired systems, principles, rhythms, cycles, laws, are applied. Circular thinking is applied. Prime-Do Principles will help you develop your business, become an empowering leader, and find in nature inspiration for innovation and social impact. Achieve and sustain family-life-work-community-nature balance, in daily life.

GAME LEVELS: The 9+ Belts of Prime-Do are the levels of the Game.

GOAL: Accumulate points for your Prime-Do Rank (Belts) exams. Demonstrate your knowledge, skills, competences, creativity, wisdom.

TASK: Chose one of the Prime-Do twitters, in 1 single A4, write an essay elaborating on the twitter post. How that inspires you, what does the message trigger in you, how and what can you learn or teach with it, how would you apply it practically, in which situations is this knowledge useful, in your own words.

PRIMORDIAL LANGUAGE: Prime-Do utilizes a nature inspired language, named primordial-symbolic language, which is universal, used by nature-inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, by modern poets and future leaders, wisdom carriers and knowledge care-takers. As such, the Prime-Do teachings are beyond time. 

MISSION: It is your mission to translate the Prime-Do teaching into the language of your own experience, and your own time, without limiting your interpretation to the meanings of your own time.

CONDITIONS: In order to play you need to register yourself as player. Start by annoucing you are taking part of the game. You will receive a player ID and points on advanced as well as complementary rules for you to play.

AIM: By getting points and the essays completed, you qualify and earn points also for your Prime-Do Belt Exams.

GAME MASTER : Once you have registered your name as a player and indicated which Prime-Do Twitter post your essay will be for, you will receive complementary information or be invited to individual sessions online with the Game-Master, to help you achieve your aim and earn as many points you can. Guidance and support for your play will be provided.


Play with us the Matrix-Q (DNA) Avatar e-Game :
It a LARP, Live Action Remote Role Play (Learn-play) program, serious playing, with group coaching included.

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem is joining ClubHouse. We will host spontaneous conversations and events, and have our founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and members of the Matrix-Q Guild, Community & Partners as guest speakers

Today we had a nice 40 min video interview with one of our new Matrix-Q Guild Members, Jaël Rauter joined us in Spring 2021 the micro documentary about his entrepreneurial activities in real estate business and coaching LEARN MORE at the Matrix-Q Community

In this podcast i am inviting you to join our Matrix-Q Circular Innovation Think Tank - Urls to access in the podcast page MQ Community Playlist

We are glad to introduce you to the 2021 Matrix-Q Ecosystem. Mapping our divisions, projects, start-ups, competitions, human projects and partners

This Thursday 6th May 16.40 CEST at the “Matrix-Q Plants Trees” Event, we will follow up with the discussion on “Climate change, a contingent road map design, for the Matrix-Q Ecosystem”
with us the newly Matrix-Q Community

GO LIVE The Matrix-Q Community is digital platform to inspire you to learn, explore, connect and create impact together.
Registration is free of charge. Explore all our services, events, and tokens based economy. Matrix-Q Methodology & Technology applied.

THE MATRIX-Q OPEN SPACE: CLIMATE starts this week. Please use this url to inspire yourself. will appreciate your contribution, with questions that can help us enhance our road map for 2050, to our Matrix-Q Group at LinkedIn

May 2021. we are launching the Matrix-Q e-Library Project 1993-2030 Road Map e-Learning assisted by A.I. + Human Coach-Trainers JOIN US test user and volunteer editor or content administration, or join the Matrix-Q Akademia as a e-learning coach-trainer

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Prime-Do MasterClass Online

Learn about Prime-Do pragmatic approach for daily life. Breathing into-the-heart and the 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness & Joy

New e-Learning Program

Learn Prime-Do From Home! Earn points, earn tokens and trade them for e-learning, private lessons online, or master class

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