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  • How do you apply nature systems, cycles, rhythms, principles and laws, to the human factor, aiming to a regenerative economy, circular management of the value created by human ?

Human Circularity Matrix-Q Games

On your right you willl find a list of challenges (Matrix-Q Games) inspired in the practice and knowledge of Human Circularity, Circular economy principles applied to the human capital.

MATRIX-Q GAME: CIRCULAR-9 : Human Circularity 9 Essay

POINTS: upto 50+P / task completed

CHALLENGE: apply nature systems, cycles, rhythms, principles and laws, to the human factor, aiming to a regenerative economy, circular management of the value created by human

THE PLAYER: You have have learned about circular economy, self-regenerative economy and nature-inspired innovation (social, value chain, technological, bio)

PURPOSE: This game is suggested to every one that would like to enter the praxis of Human Circularity, up-level knowledge, skills and competences as a leader, innovator, entrepreneur or investor. With Human Circularity nature inspired systems, principles, rhythms, cycles, laws, are applied. Circular thinking is applied. 

GAME LEVELS: The 9+ Belts of Prime-Do for Human Circularity are the levels of the Game.

GOAL: Accumulate points for your Rank (Belts) exams. Demonstrate your knowledge, skills, competences, creativity, wisdom applying human circularity

TASK: Chose one of the Human Circularity Challenges, in 1 single A4, write an essay elaborating on it. How would you solve the challenge, how would you innovate.

LANGUAGE: Human Circularity utilizes a language that refers to generation and flow value and economy. It is a natural language and terms have been applied to human creativity and flow of value. The language used may some times trigger you, or challenge your sensitivity. To discuss about value created by human, regenerative and circular economy or the value of human, may challenge your pre conceptions, sensitivity, habits of thinking, perceiving or concept of ethics. As a player, it is your responsibility to care for the language you use, being honest with your idea, and clear with the nature principles applied, while caring for human sensitivity, be disruptive enough to the thinking and behavior created by linear thinking. 

MISSION: It is your mission to find solutions for the challenges based on your own experience, and knowledge, according to your own perception of value. For the execution of this challenge you may like to complete the MindSet and Perception of Value e-test before trying to solve the challenge.

CONDITIONS: In order to play you need to register yourself as player. Start by annoucing you are taking part of the game. You will receive a player ID and points on advanced as well as complementary rules for you to play.

AIM: By getting points and the essays completed, you qualify and earn points also for your Human Circularity Certificate and Licenses evaluations.

GAME MASTER : Once you have registered your name as a player and indicated which Human Circularity Challenge your essay will be for, you will receive complementary information or be invited to individual sessions online with the Game-Master, to help you achieve your aim and earn as many points you can. Guidance and support for your play will be provided.


Updated 2020.04.19

  • HCC1:  CREATIVITY: For the development and management of your business, you utilize tools designed with lineal thinking. To think circular and integrate circular innovations in your business is not enough. If you are still utilizing tools for management that has been designed by using linear thinking
  • HCC2: KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE in a specific industry field or business model, with a sector of the market, niche or group of customers, is of great value for your company. When you receive new employees, talents and potential future leaders, you would like them all to bring in new approaches and skills to your company but also learn from past success and achievements, failure and barriers. If you have not enabled yet an inter-generational program in your organization, where knowledge and experience can be shared between generations, then you are wasting valuable assets of your company.
  • HCC3: HUMAN CAPITAL with distance to the labor market, for example, according to the case, women, talents, immigrants, PVD, or people without academic degrees but acquired knowledge through field-work experience; in any of these cases, qualified human capital may be wasted, as their potential is not yet acknowledged. Their integration in your company could be simple and even supported by your government. 
  • HCC4: PROCESS & TIME management are of great importance for your employee’s effectiveness. a smart management of time increases productivity, creativity and happiness and work. Family-life-work-community-nature balance, enable a business culture that is resilient and engaged. The application of circularity principles for time and process management involves for example the acknowledgment of the full human potential, starting with how emotions play a role in your perception of the process, time, and the value of each activity you engage in along the day.
  • HCC5: WEALTH generation is an essential skill necessary for your business. In this example, I will refer to wealth generation in socially engaged business, with social innovation products or circular innovation machines or models. For example, the first customers that purchase your products, enable your company growth. Even your prices may be higher than similar products in the market, your “green” label creates an added value, and thanks to it your customers sharing your vision, decide to purchase. Once your company has evolved, do you plan to bring wealth back to the system? For example by giving to eligible customers (purchase volume), the option to receive shares in your company, and grow with you together? Which circular strategies for sharing wealth can you consider as viable for your business? 


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