Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

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The digital world is our learning-playground

A positive impact in nature and people in the real world is our aim

Win prizes and rewards* 

in tokens, tangibles, value or 

Convert your reward-tokens in cash

(*) Prizes are given in the form of reward-tokens, to players that complete tasks, challenges, successfully and reach a number of points before accessing the next level of the game. See game rules for more details. Reward-tokens earned can be sold back to the game-master in exchange for cash or points.

Immersive learning by role playing online

Solve the challenges

Create a positive impact in nature and people

Combine :

  • Leisure
  • Fun
  • Learning
  • Business skills development
  • Family-life-work-community-nature balance

3′ min 


To keep your mind alert, emotions aligned and body healthy!

Enhance your capacity

Our learning and game design methodology will help you enhance your brain performance and develop the abilities and knowledge you need for the future you want


Each challenge focus on one achievement.

Your will acquire knowledge, skills, competences and value. 

You can choose the challenges that interest you the most according to your aims, what do you need the most ?

  • Proactive adaptive capacity
  • Learning skills
  • Circular thinking
  • Emotional engagement
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Creativity, innovation capacity
  • Survival instinct
  • Leadership skills
  • Multidisciplinary innovation capacity
  • Actionable & effective communication
  • Time management
  • Self-Management
  • Multicultural collaboration
  • Life-Wok-Family-Community-Nature Balance
  • Stress Management
  • and much more

" I would like to up-level my capacity  "


We utilize an innovative data-driven learning by playing methodology in which we combine:

By playing the Matrix-Q Games you will achieve the development of the ability to THINK, FEEL & ACT with the knowledge acquired.

To play and learn with Matrix-Q Games means:

  • Accelerated learning
  • Lean learning
  • Learning by playing
      • by doing
      • by solving challenges
      • by creating value
      • by thinking circular
      • by innovating
      • by leading 
      • by teaching

Thanks to our methodology, the challenges you complete and your achievements, can be translated into training certificates, and badges, you can utilize later for your profession, business or private life.

With our methodology we enable accelerated thinking and behavior change with a positive impact in nature and people.

International game online

Meet and network with players from all around the world


  • The Matrix-Q Ecosystem has been gamified
  • Along any of our activities online or on-site you may receive clues and challenges.
  • Including meet-ups online, interviews, courses, presentations, and services. We also hold special events for players only.
  • Choose from the challenges suggested to you, the one you like the most
  • Each challenge invites you to learn, discover or enjoy something new
  • Solve the challenges and earn points
  • Increase challenge complexity by accessing the next level of the game (9+)
  • Meet other players, network, team up and up-level your player performance
  • Earn badges for completing impossible missions
  • Win prizes by getting the points necessary to access the next level of the game
  • Take an avatar role and play the Matrix-Q Game 

"I would like to play now"


  • A challenge give you the opportunity to experience and learn something new that can help you create a positive impact in nature and people, in your business, your community or private life.


  • For challenges completed you may receive points, tokens or game-coins that you may use later along the game.


  • Reward-Tokens vary in value from 80,00 EUR to 20.600,00 EUR depending on your rank, total number of points and time you need to complete the challenges.


  • There is no time limit for you to complete a challenge
  • But only the first players the reach the number of points necessary to access to the next level of the game will win prizes (see instructions sent to your email, after your register


  • Your first challenge is to create an avatar to play with.
  • In order to create an avatar you should complete some tasks, and earn the game-coins necessary to acquire the compound of elements that are needed for its creation.
  • Your avatar DNA will evolve according to your success, complete more challenges and enhance your avatar potential and capacity. 
  • You can help your avatar to evolve by choosing the challenges it needs the most.

Data-driven Role-Game Assisted by A.I. Engine

An hybrid, digital-human, gamified platform for capacity building

Game Fees

In order to start the game you may 

  1. Complete successfully an impossible task (free)
  2. Earn 90 Matrix-Q Tokens (free)
  3. Purchase a player subscription 

Instructions will be given to players after sending an e-mail to

or after purchase of any of the available subscriptions.

2 years subscription
50.00 EUR

SUBSCRIPTION: 2 years (729 days) *

Matrix-Q Games V.0

2020-Spring subscribers enjoy from an extended subscription, for our test version V.0

Campaign valid from March 20th to June 20th 2020

(*) The validity of the membership is of 729 days starting 20th March 2020. There is no refund. The subscription is valid for as long as the service is available.


  • 1x 9 min interview with the Game Master
  • 1x e-Test Advice, and how to use the e-test results for the game
  • 1x e-Newsletter Matrix-Q Games Clues, Challenges and Missions
  • 9 x emails messages, for questions and answers addressed to the game master
  • 2 years (729 days) *

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  • Earn points, badges and rewards
  • Have fun at learning by playing
  • Simulated challenges will spark your creativity and adaptive capacity
  • Acquire knowledge, up-level skills, develop new competences, by playing

Create by playing a positive impact in nature, people and contribute with transition to a circular and inclusive economic growth

  • Multidisciplinary
  • Innovation-driven
  • Social-impact-driven
  • Data-driven
  • Circular
  • SDGs 


  • Register for the game by sending an email with title “I would like to play” to 
  • Follow the instructions given to you by e-mail.
  • Follow our twitter stream for clues and opportunities

"I would like to play now"

  • For the Matrix-Q Akademia members, the points are also valid for their training program.